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Teacher: Dr. Afifi al-Akiti
Text: Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri - The Reliance of the Traveller
Discipline: Fiqh
Length: Autumn/Winter Semester
Date: Sundays: 10th October - 28th November 2010
Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Venue: Oxford Brookes University, Oxford
Fees: Free Entrance


In this class Dr. Afifi al-Akiti will teach Shafi'i fiqh using The Reliance of the Traveller (Ahmad ibn Naqib al Misri), a classical Manual of Islamic Sacred Law translated by Noah Ha Mim Keller.

Umdat as-Salik (Reliance of the Traveller)
This text is a classic manual of fiqh. It represents the fiqh rulings according to the Shafi'i school of jurisprudence.

The appendices form an integral part of the book and present original texts and translations from classic works by prominent Shafi'i scholars such as al-Ghazali, Ibn Qudamah, al-Nawawi, al-Qurturbi, al-Dhahabi, Ibn Hajar and other, on topics of Islamic law, faith, spirituality, Qur'anic exegesis and Hadith sciences.

This course is open to both brothers and sisters as it will be taught in a segregated environment. No prior knowledge is expected from students, individuals of all levels may benefit from this course.


Shaykh Afifi al-Akiti is a Research Fellow in Islamic Philosophy and Theology at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. He is presently completing his doctoral thesis at Oxford University, on a newly discovered Arabic manuscript of a previously unknown theological work by Imam al-Ghazali. He was born in Malaysia and educated in various madrasas with a long tradition in Shafii fiqh in East Java.

Among his most well known teachers are:

• Shaykh Muhammad Yasin al-Fadani
• Shaykh Ibn Mahfuz al-Hajini
• Shaykh Ibn Ashmuni al-Jaruni
• Habib 'Aydarus al-Habshi

He has translated various works in Malay as well as English; mostly textbooks that make up the curriculum of a Classical Islamic education, including Imam al-Bajuri's commentary on the Jawhara, Imam Nawawi al-Bantani on the Jami'a and his commentary on the Bidaya of Imam al-Ghazali. He has travelled widely, and notwithstanding the specific ijazas from his training, has also received general ijazas (for tabarrukan) from teachers beyond his homeland.


Oxford Brookes University (Gibbs Building), Headington Campus,
Gipsy Lane, Oxford, OX3 0BP


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